White Paper: Building a disruptive brand

Exploring the PR journey to building a disruptive brand, the latest Gorkana White Paper shows how PRs support the business rule-breakers: from launch to becoming household names.

disruptor-white-paper-imageDisruptive brands can be some of the most exciting organisations to work with as a PR, yet their quick growth, impact on social, legal and financial infrastructures and ability to shake-up entire industries can take you into uncharted territory.

So, this White Paper offers a route through the disruptor journey and explores how PR teams work with disruptors from their start-up phase to becoming an internationally recognised brand.

Top tips are offered from agencies and in-house teams such as Impression, Chargifi, Airbnb, Indiegogo and Virgin, as well as The Guardian’s veteran tech journalist Charles Arthur who explains what the media looks for in disruptor stories.

Featuring interviews, case studies and opinions, this White Paper is your quintessential guide to building a disruptor brand. Download it here to find out more.

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