Hudson Sandler becomes independent partnership

After eight years of ownership by Huntsworth plc, Hudson Sandler has become an independent partnership.

In a letter to clients, Hudson Sandler said: “While Huntsworth plc has been a supportive shareholder, our new structure will enable us to extend ownership across our team and help attract talent.”

The agency became a partnership on Friday (October 28) when the directors of Hudson Sandler Limited approved the transfer of the entire trading business of Hudson Sandler Limited and all of its trading assets to a new limited liability partnership (LLP).

Huntsworth plc will continue to hold a minority interest in Hudson Sandler LLP.

In a statement, Huntsworth said: “As part of the on-going development of the Group, Huntsworth made the decision to restructure Hudson Sandler to give management a greater stake in the equity of the business. Huntsworth remains an active and supportive shareholder of Hudson Sandler.”