The Cult directors open Virtual Reality agency

Charli Morgan and Matt Glass, directors of London PR agency The Cult PR have launched a new virtual reality company, Cultural Reality Co., to offer consultancy to journalists, media, PR and marketing businesses.The Cult PR

They are opening the doors on the new company now to anticipate Spring consumer launch of virtual reality headset Oculus Rift, which they believe will cause an “explosion in the market”.

According to the founders, Cultural Reality Co. will primarily work within the media industry to help journalists, as well as PR and marketing companies use virtual reality within their fields.

It will be based at The Cult PR’s London Bridge offices. The team has already forged a partnership with virtual reality production studio Infinite360. A second studio partnership, based in New York, is expected to be announced soon.

Glass said: “We wanted to wait until we had the right partners in place to ensure that we are capable of being at the forefront of this technology. Virtual reality and 360 degree videos are a huge, emerging market and we’ve been really excited about their use in the world of PR, marketing and journalism.”

He added: “Perhaps the most incredible thing is that we’re entering a market that is still in its infancy. People are starting to look into this technology but we’re all – including the production houses that create the content – still discovering new ways it can be used and seeing how far they can push the medium.

Morgan said: “When Oculus hits the shops in spring this year, there’s going to be an explosion in the market, with millions of people searching for videos to use on their new headsets.

“Brands who create that content now are going to benefit from these new customers who are hungry to explore the VR world. This is a chance to put your brand in front of those tech-savvy new customers and be at the forefront of a new platform. We are perfectly placed to work with journalists, newspapers, brands and celebrities to help them tell their stories in an incredible, immersive and ground breaking way.”

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