Gorkana meets… Reorg Research

Kent Collier - Reorg ResearchKent Collier, founder and CEO of Reorg Research, explains the power of its online editorial in the global distressed debt and high yield market.

What content does Reorg Research produce and how often?
Reorg Research produces real-time news, commentary, and analysis on the distressed debt and leveraged finance markets, producing somewhere between 30 and 70 stories a day.

Who reads your editorial content and what do they get from RR that they cannot find elsewhere?
Our subscribers include hedge funds, law firms, investment managers and investment banks
across the US and Europe. We provide news in near real-time that is more sophisticated, and
cover situations more deeply than other offerings in the market.

What does Event Driven – your new launch – add to your offer and why start it now?
Event Driven will offer real-time news and analysis on corporate litigations, Washington,DC,
policy changes and M&A enforcement that affect the prices of publicly traded equities. This
broadens our offerings beyond just the debt markets and so, given the uncertainty in Washington,
the timing for this new coverage is ideal.

Where is your audience based (geographically) and how does this affect the content you
produce? For instance, what would you want to hear from businesses/PRs in the UK?
Most of our subscribers are based in the United States, though we do have a sizeable and
growing presence in Europe which represents about 20% of our customers. Our subscribers want to hear about interesting situations wherever they arise, so there is really no geographical limit to our content; if there is a story to cover, we’ll figure out a way to cover it.

You have editorial teams in London and New York and now an office in Washington, DC.
Who does what and how do they work together?
New York is our headquarters, where much of our senior-level staff is based and where our
Reorg US., Reorg First Day, and Reorg Covenants products are produced. Reorg Europe is
produced by the team in London and Event Driven, our newest product, will report out of both
New York and the new DC office.

What’s the story RR has run in the last 12 months you are most proud of and why?
We produced over 10,000 stories in 2016, and we’re on pace to shatter that this year, so it’s
really hard for me to pick just one. I would say that our team has distinguished itself in our
continuing coverage of the Puerto Rico fiscal crisis. I really believe that we are the leading news
outlet in the world on that situation, and it’s something that makes all of us proud.

What’s next?
We’re going to keep expanding our editorial products across geographies and subject matters.
Anywhere we think we can provide the deep dives and sophisticated news and analysis that
have become our trademarks is a possible “next” for us.

Kent Collier is founder and CEO of Reorg Research (www.reorg-research.com) which offers subscribers an informational advantage over their competitors by providing time-sensitive, market-moving and independent news and commentary on the distressed debt and high yield market. 

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