60 Seconds with Nobull Communications

60 Seconds with Nobull Communications’ Steve Carman

Steve Carman, director at Nobull Communications, explains why the agency has created its Nobull Tech division, its long-lasting client relationships and the company’s birthday policy.

You’ve just launched your Nobull Tech division, what are the reasons behind the launch?

Technology is playing a greater part in our lives and our job is to use our expertise to humanise it to a level that engages a client’s target audience.

In addition, we’ve worked within the automotive sector a long time and the future within this sector is tech led with connectivity being at the forefront, we understand how to bring this to life for customers, ensuring understanding and buy-in from a wide audience.

How has the agency looked to grow its expertise in the automotive, transport and tech sectors?

Keeping up-to-date is key however, what we do particularly well is putting together carefully selected ‘power teams’ to work on specific client campaigns.

Our team is made up of experts in their fields, so we match elements of campaigns to our experts. Then meticulous insight is carried out across the team to bring a tech campaign to life in whatever sector we work in.

What’s the meaning behind the name?

It is tongue in cheek, however there is a serious message behind it. Both founding directors are honest and open, and like to crack on with delivering results. If we don’t believe something will work we will say so at the start.

What’s the key to developing such a long-lasting client relationship? The agency has maintained a number of clients for long periods, such as Volvo for 17 years.

First and foremost we consistently deliver, secondly we are friendly and know our stuff. We are genuine, hard-working people and according to our clients we keep them feeling energised and inspired. We never grow complacent and always do the best for our clients.

We are fortunate that our clients are all great people and match our own values. As with any relationship the chemistry has to be right in the first instance, trust is essential and liking each other as people is key to longevity. You also have to keep campaigns fresh and exciting.

How does the agency look to refresh its offering to clients?

We move with the times and we’re instinctively nosy so we love to take insights and apply them. We have a saying here; knowledge is inspiration, so what we offer clients is always evolving incorporating creativity, new techniques and channels where relevant.

What’s the most memorable campaign you’ve created?

There have been some fantastic campaigns over the past 18 years, however the media launch of the Peugeot 4008 is probably the most memorable where we turned Longleat Safari Park into a five star glamping site, complete with double beds (before glamping was even a buzzword!).

Finally, what is the Nobull birthday policy and what benefits has it brought to the team

Everyone is given their birthday off – no-one should have to work on their birthday! Although quite often they’ll still come in on their actual birthday as we do great presents and are obsessed by cake!

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