60 Seconds with Authentic Ibiza PR co-founder Pandora George

60 Seconds with Authentic Ibiza PR co-founder Pandora George

Pandora George, co-founder of Authentic Ibiza PR, talks about starting her own agency, how she chose her niche – and how tourism is changing on the island.

Why did you and Claire decide to set up Authentic Ibiza PR?

Both Claire and I love Ibiza and have been travelling to the island for over 25 years. We have been carrying out PR campaigns for Ibizan clients, so it seemed like a logical step to pool our extensive experience and set up a new venture together.

What made you decide to specialise in travel and Ibiza?

Primarily because we have plenty of experience in this field and love the place. I have worked with many travel clients over the years, including Amante Ibiza and The Giri. Claire has worked with Pikes Hotel and Formentera Yoga amongst other clients.

What is the agency’s unique selling point?

I think our pooled knowledge of the Island. We represent our clients but can also advise journalists about the best secret beaches, what to do on the island out of season – the best places to eat, shop, dance and retreat.

Together we get lots of journalists contacting us each year about where to go and what’s hot – something that is a strong offering for potential clients. Plus, we have worked in travel PR for over 20 years each.

Is there a particular type of client you are looking to work with?

Each year we plan to work with a select list of travel and lifestyle clients that suit our brand – the most authentic, stylish, original and enticing places that are on the island – from hotels, restaurants and beach clubs to wellbeing retreats and boutiques.

Travel trends are changing and there has been a recent shift towards people seeking a more natural and rustic but still luxurious island experience – from Agro-tourism hotels to supper clubs, organic restaurants and secret beaches. These are the clients we plan to work with – ones that represent the real Ibiza.

The Atzaro Group perfectly encapsulates our ideal client with its concept of “natural luxury”. It’s a beautiful five star spa hotel based around an ancient estate in the heart of the Ibizan countryside. Victor Guasch, who owns the hotel, was actually born there so it is about as authentic as you can get! It’s one of the oldest agro-tourisms on the island.

Ibiza has the reputation as a party island. Is that still the case, or is the scene on the island changing?

The island really is changing. It’s attracting an older, more sophisticated crowd – who perhaps partied there in their 20s but are now back 15 years later.

This audience is driving a different kind of tourism – such as a flourishing foodie scene and a really strong health and wellness scene far removed from the stereotypical image of the Island. They may still want to party but it’s maybe for one night a week!

Finally, what is your favourite Ibiza place or memory? 

I love La Paloma, a rural café that turns into an amazing restaurant at night, set in lovely gardens in the heart of Ibiza. It’s simple, pretty but has a really lovely atmosphere.

  • Pictured: Authentic Ibiza PR co-founders Pandora George (left) and Claire Norrish
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