Good Relations executive director Lawrence Collis

Inside a PR newsroom with Good Relations’ Lawrence Collis

Lawrence Collis, executive director at Good Relations, outlines why the agency uses a newsroom model for everything from news generation to crisis management.

You’re responsible for Good Relations’ dynamic newsroom model. But what is a dynamic newsroom? And how does one work?

To allow us to be as reactive and creative as possible with the right expertise, we structure our press office accounts as dynamic brand newsrooms.

We assemble bespoke teams of specialists tailored to unique challenges, whether it be in creative news generation, issues and crisis management, broadcast PR, social media, public affairs or influencer relations.

Daily news conferences allow us to react to issues and seize opportunities to turn stories into creative content for traditional, digital and social media.

How big is a typical brand newsroom team? And how are the different tasks divvied up?

The size of each team is entirely dependent on client needs. We tailor relevant expertise within the business to fit that.

When it comes to tasks, having a clear decision maker is vital to ensure discipline, keeping to (and improving) process and ensuring clear actions come from brand newsroom meetings.

What would you say are the key benefits of the newsroom approach, compared to more traditional PR techniques?

Our way of working ensures there is input from a diverse range of experts at every stage of the process. This diversity of expertise enables us to be highly reactive and seize on opportunities.

How do you measure the performance of the content your newsroom teams create? Do you believe it’s important to show the impact they have on a brand’s business objectives?

We put a huge importance on evaluation and demonstrating impactful outcomes in everything we do, as with any activity within the business. The newsroom is no different and we set (where relevant) KPIs against this to ensure that it’s a valuable addition to campaigns.

Brand newsrooms don’t just create great content fast. They also ensure your team has access to the right expertise to seize on content opportunities as they arise.

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Why PR newsrooms are the future of brand storytelling

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