Viktor Frisk wins the 2017 Swedish Cision PR influencer award

Viktor Frisk wins the 2017 Swedish Cision PR influencer award

Viktor Frisk was crowned Sweden’s most influential PR consultant at the Cision PR Influencer Award 2017 last night, Cision’s Oskar Larsson reports.

Viktor is indeed the name on everyone’s lips in Sweden today. Frisk was awarded the Cision PR Influencer Award 2017 at the Spinn award ceremony in Stockholm last night. The prize went to the person whose digital channels have been most influential during the year.

Frisk is head of social media at a PR bureau, which he combines with being a successful pop star and a highly respected social influencer – which is the icing on cake.

At just 22 years old, Viktor Frisk can now call himself the most digitally influential PR person in Sweden, although this is not his first time in the spotlight.

Along with Samir Badran, he is part of the musical duo Samir & Viktor. They have taken part in Melodifestivalen twice, trying to qualify to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest with the songs Groupie and Bada nakna. Looking to 2018, Aftonbladet reports that they will be giving it a third try with a song yet to be announced.

In his capacity as a social influencer, Viktor is currently blogging at Swedish magazine Café, writing about fashion and his everyday life. His Instagram account, @Victorfrisks, has over 292,000 followers (and Sweden’s population is 10 million) and he is working together with a number of brands as an influencer.

Combining his personal lifestyle brand with consulting and his role as head of social media at Mindmakers PR is what makes Viktor unique. He represents the new generation of PR and is a living proof of someone practising what he preaches.

“This award is indeed a sign of the times, showing  how we work in an ever-changing business that never stands still,” says Alexander Mason, commercial director of Cision Scandinavia. “We have hosted this award for many years and if someone would have told me five years ago that a pop artist would win, I wouldn’t believe what I heard.

“Today, influencer marketing and PR are so tightly intertwined, you can actually do both simultaneously. And who does it better than Viktor?

“If you master various digital channels, create real engagement and are able to consult others into doing the same, you have a lot to gain. The rest of us have a lot to learn from Viktor – a pioneer that many will follow and a well-deserved receiver of this award.”

The tagline of the Spinn gala is: “If you snooze you lose, if you spin you win.” And Viktor has proven himself to spin whatever crosses his digital path.

Congratulations Viktor Frisk for winning the Cision PR Influencer Award 2017!

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