Experience the most comprehensive print media monitoring in the marketplace, delivered directly to your inbox.

We provide unrivalled accuracy

With the optimum blend of high tech automation and the human editorial judgement of over 200 experienced readers, we can ensure the delivery of the most comprehensive and accurate coverage in the industry, enabling you and your team to save time and stay ahead of breaking news.

Most comprehensive media lists available

You will never miss a mention of your brand, competitors, or spokespeople as Gorkana monitor the widest media list available with over 12,000 UK sources monitored and continuously added to by your request, you can ensure we will capture your content.

Personal Service Dedicated Account Managers

Gorkana’s exceptional account managers provide knowledgeable, dedicated and proactive support with a customised and consultative approach to define your brief and ensure consistent, focused delivery.

Coverage alerts direct to your inbox

We can alert you as and when your coverage is identified or in a daily round up at your specified time, direct to your inbox, in the format that suits you.

Quality summaries of your coverage

We have experienced teams that provide quality summaries of your coverage, allowing you to quickly and efficiently gauge the context and sentiment of each piece as a useful daily snapshot or a response tool to actionable coverage.