Understand the effectiveness of your campaigns with our targeted media analysis tools for consistent executive reporting across your monitoring channels.

Prove your campaign effectiveness

Gorkana’s analysis tools support you in proving and improving the effectiveness of your campaign.

We highlight the messages and channels working and how to most effectively reach your audience so you can identify the drivers for future campaign success.

Greater flexibility to analyse your coverage

Categorise your coverage beyond topics, campaigns and categories by using tagging to quickly segment your data.

You can link to the same tags in our Media Database which allows you to track your campaign from start to finish, directly linking your media objectives, actions and outcomes on one platform.

Tools to create consistent campaign reports

Measure and analyse your story’s impact using multiple metrics to delve deeper.

We give you the tools to slice and dice your data, create flexible charting and create consistent executive reports to give a clear and instant visual of your campaign’s performance.