The real-time social media tool to effectively track and manage your social media programme.

Insitght in seconds

Valuable intelligence

Our tools make it easy to see patterns, identify trends and discover visual insights in seconds - and our flexible charting capabilities allows you to combine multiple graphs into interactive dashboards.

You can highlight important mentions, filter data by multiple criteria rules and automatically categorise your coverage to show relationships and engagement.

Gorkana Metrics that matter

Make data-driven decisions

Social media is all about understanding digital conversations and acting on signals amidst all the noise, and our tools enables you to set up alerts that notify you about breaking stories and important themes.

Gauge the performance of your media channels and integrate their impact on your earned media coverage.

Plan your campaigns by profiling your audience based on their demographics, location and interests.

Gorkana Dedicated support

Balance speed with knowledge

In the vast and complex world of social media, staying on top of trends and breaking stories is one of the biggest challenges for brands and organisations.

Fortunately, our dedicated social media team has the experience and the skills to help you listen to the right conversations and analyse the right content.

From updating your dashboards to tracking high priority websites and influencers, you can count on us to guide you at every step of your campaign.

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