Cision celebrates Cision Gorkana Jobs relaunch

Cision hosted an event at its Canary Wharf HQ to mark the relaunch of Cision Gorkana Jobs and the launch of new journalist site Journo Resources last Thursday (February 1), reports Cision’s Luize Lazdane.

Central to the event was a special panel debate about the future of journalism and how to build your career – featuring Journo Resources founder Jem Collins, Dazed weekend editor and deputy editor Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff, PinkNews investigations reporter Jasmine Andersson and Tom Armitage, The Telegraph‘s head of talent and performance.

They spoke to a packed audience of young and student journalists about the importance of standing out in a highly competitive industry. Brinkhurst-Cuff recommended “creating your own thing, having your own platform, broadcasting your own views and always having a smile on your face” as ways to get ahead.

As for making an actual job application, Armitage explained that reading the instructions carefully is a simple yet crucial step to take. Unanimously, the panel agreed that when applying for roles job seekers should focus on quality rather than quantity.

“Think about what you actually want to do and why you want to do it,” Collins suggested.

Andersson encouraged social media, particularly Twitter, as a great way to “get publicity and start conversations with people”. Meanwhile, Brinkhurst-Cuff argued that the real factor is passion.

She said: “If you really want it, you will make it. In my experience people who have dropped off journalism are the ones who didn’t really want it.”

Welcoming guests to the event, Abe Smith, Cision’s EMIA president, acknowledged the importance of having the right talent to make the most of new technology in media – both in journalism and communications.

Ashley Richardson, manager at Cision Gorkana Jobs, agreed that even the most talented media stars need the right tools.

“It’s great to see the launch of a site like Journo Resources where young people can turn to with their questions and concerns,” she said.

A final piece of career advice was uttered by Andersson: “Start by looking at yourself and think about what you can bring to the table that no one else can.”

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