We monitor the most comprehensive list of global media across all channels, and our editors filter the noise so we only deliver what's most relevant.

Gorkana Media Monitoring
Print Media

Print Media

Gain insight from over 5,000 traditional UK print media sources.

Combination of leading-edge technology and human editorial judgement to deliver accurate information.

All media channels monitored 24/7, providing information as soon as it is available.

Our customised and consultative approach delivers only the information you need, when you need it, in a format that suits you.

Broadcast Monitoring

Broadcast Monitoring

Comprehensive, 24/7 streamed broadcast media coverage that puts you in control of your media presence when shaping the perception of your business.  With our service you can ensure you are capturing it.

We monitor 130 UK TV and radio stations, tracking what is important to you, 24/7 and deliver the most relevant and accurate content.

We tailor your brief, monitor your selection, send you context driven alerts and stream the coverage straight to your desktop, available for viewing for 28 days.

Whether it’s regular daily coverage, a one off clip for a single interview, an old transcript, or a list of every mention during peak media activity, Gorkana can provide you with the broadcast service you need.

Online and Social Media

Online and Social Media

Keep track of online and social media in real time, listen to conversations as they occur, identify how your brand is being talked about and who is influencing those conversations.

Chart mainstream, online and social media coverage side by side with over 6,000 UK websites and tens of millions of social media sources in more than 25 languages currently monitored.

Our search experts will tailor your social media monitoring requirements by setting up search strings and alerts based on your brief requirements.

Identify key trends and topics of conversation and highlight key performing online and social media channels, with quick and easy reporting across mainstream and social, use filtering and key metrics.

International Media
Gorkana International Media

International Media

Monitor content from more than 100 countries and 100,000 sources to ensure global visibility of your brand’s worldwide perception/reputation to assess and refine (or define) your top line communication strategy.

With a valued and trusted network of global partners, as well as a dedicated in-house team of native speakers, we ensure your global coverage and summary translations are delivered with speed and cost effectiveness.

Easy integrated access to all your global coverage through our online portal, where you can review, analyse and share its impact across local markets.

Integrated Analysis
Gorkana Media List

Integrated Analysis

Consistently track and analyse your campaign’s performance, in line with your objectives, across all your media output with Gorkana’s integrated analysis tools, to uncover deeper insight and understanding of your brand’s reputation and boost ROI.

Greater flexibility to analyse your clips using a choice of categorisation tools and sentiment and value assignment for in-depth slicing and dicing of data.

Create clear and instant visuals of your PR campaign using multiple metrics to delve deeper into its performance and allow for quick and easy tracking against KPIs.

Provide consistent executive reporting of campaign effectiveness and identify actions for future success.

Media List
Gorkana Media List

Media List

We monitor thousands of publications and global media outlets and our extensive list is always expanding.

Browse our catalogue to see how the breadth and depth we cover, and get in touch if you would like us to add anything else you require.

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