Tuesday 20 February
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Staying ahead in tech PR requires constant innovation. Today’s breakthroughs are tomorrow’s old news, and it can be tough to convey the benefits of complex technologies to key target audiences.

But there are also big opportunities for brands that can communicate their propositions in ways that excite and inspire their stakeholders – and this Cision webinar will help you do exactly that.

Marc Chacksfield, TechRadar’s interim global editor-in-chief, will outline how the title established itself as a leading tech brand over the past 10 years. Then, he’ll reveal what titles like TechRadar are looking for in a tech PR pitch.

What’s more, Kaizo director Steph MacLeod will highlight what sets tech PR apart from other sectors and give her top tips for building a successful tech brand with earned media.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • What distinguishes technology communications from other sectors
  • How tech media audiences are changing
  • Building successful integrated campaigns for tech brands

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