Opinion: Fake news is good news for communicators

James Staunton, partner at Instinctif Partners, argues that fake news could actually breathe new life into media relations and communications in general. Fake news has been a huge topic in the media ever since the use of the term exploded in the last quarter of 2016, courtesy of US Pumpkin-In-Chief Donald Trump.  But a new white […]

Opinion: PR mentorship is a win-win deal for everyone involved

Whether for the mentor, mentee or the organisation itself – PR mentoring is win-win for all, says Mazar Masud, senior consultant at Powerscourt and Taylor Bennett Foundation trustee. From religious prophets to secular thinkers, from ancient philosophers to political leaders, all have settled on the one truth that helping others is a uniquely satisfying experience. […]

Opinion: Why today’s consumers demand live content across platforms

Nicholas Lazarus, co-founder of Sassy Films, describes the ever-changing nature of broadcast media and how consumers are increasingly migrating towards social networks for “live” content. There’s been a clear rise in the popularity of live streaming in recent years. Thanks to the proliferation of social media and smart devices, everyone has become connected. From Snapchat […]

Opinion: How IR professionals can make CEO

Oskar Yasar, managing partner of Broome Yasar Partnership, shares his views a pressing issue for ambitious investor relations and corporate affairs leaders: how communicators can reach the top of the career ladder. We have seen a transformation in the credibility, perception and positioning of investor relations and corporate affairs leaders over the past decade. Investor […]

Opinion: Look beyond reach to find the right influencers

Identifying influencers with a real connection to your cause is essential for running successful PR campaigns, says Katie Malark, Allison+Partners’ senior research director. In our latest Influence Impact Report, Allison+Partners looked at the intersection between cause and influencer marketing. The biggest takeaway for PR professionals trying to drive donations, awareness or engagement for their cause? Take […]

Opinion: What future for women in PR?

The future for women in PR will be getting paid the same as men doing the same job and having gender balance in the boardroom, writes Angela Oakes of Global Women in PR. But we’re a long way off this future. In the present, the global global gender pay gap in PR was £12,600, with […]

Opinion: How PR campaigns should represent the LGBTQ community

This Pride month, Jeff Ingold, account manager at W Communications, walks us through the “dos” and “don’ts” for representing and engaging the LGBTQ community in PR campaigns. Each year, the LGBTQ community watches as more and more companies “come out” in support of Pride events and launch campaigns that celebrate diversity and inclusion. From Burger King’s “Proud […]

Opinion: how to overcome comms challenges for niche sports

Ahead of the 2017 Drone Racing World Championship taking place tomorrow (13 June), CLICKON’s CEO & co-founder Richard Wilson describes the challenges brands face when marketing niche sports and how to overcome them. Effectively run marketing and communications campaigns will help enhance credibility, motivate buyers and forge relationships to augment customer loyalty. But running successful […]

Opinion: The future of PR isn’t science fiction

Unlike jetpacks, hoverboards and flying cars, the PR technology of the future already exists, says Beattie Group’s David Walker – and it’s creating big opportunities for communicators. What does the future hold for the PR industry? It’s a big question. One that holds significant potential for the kind of embarrassing predictions that will one day […]

Confessions of an intern: part three

As the second week of my internship is coming to an end, my time at Gorkana is almost up. This week has been quite hectic with a schedule full of fun yet educational things. I’ll confess that the week did start off in a miserable way with the horrendous tube strike that caused me to miss […]