Use our services to find and monitor key social media conversations that impact your organisation’s brand profile and reputation.

Gorkana Social Media Services
Social Listening & Analytics
Gorkana Social Listening & Analytics

Social Listening & Analytics

Our social media services finds all coverage in which you are interested, enabling you to track your reputation, identify influencers, benchmark against competitors, gain industry-wide insights and be alerted to emerging themes and breaking stories.

You will easily be able to create and share presentation-ready charts with stakeholders showing multiple metrics from volume and sentiment, to influence and engagement.

Bespoke Insight Reports
Gorkana Insight reports

Bespoke Insight Reports

Our in-house sector experts create customised media analysis reports to help you exceed your communication strategy and business objectives. Analysis is aligned with your objectives, so that we only measure what matters to you.

Learn about the messages you’re sending out and the channels that are working for you  to see how to effectively reach your audience.

Achieve your PR goals, understand brand reputation and boost ROI.

Social Media Influencer Analysis
Gorkana Influencers Analysis

Social Media Influencer Analysis

Cut through the digital noise to identify the right influencers, who you can begin to build relationships with and who can help amplify your message and successfully impact your brand.

Our proven methodology will enable you to target the most relevant people and sources.

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