Cut through the noise and analyse what's important to you in an increasingly fragmented media landscape, with our award-winning media analysis service.

Gorkana Media Analysis surveys
Online Dashboards
Gorkana Online Dashboards

Online Dashboards

Flexible online dashboards uncover vital insights which will enable you to make smarter media decisions.

Complete Customisation – interactive charts and dashboards that track the metrics important to you.

Tailored to your needs – no matter how simple or complex your business is, we can provide the exact type of analysis you need to understand your brand, your competitors and your sector.

Bespoke Reports
Gorkana Insight reports

Bespoke Reports

Customised media analysis reports prepared by sector experts help you meet your communication goals. This analysis is aligned with your objectives so that we measure what matters to your organisation.

Learn what messages and channels are working, so you can achieve your PR goals, understand brand reputation and boost your ROI.

Daily Summaries
Gorkana Daily Summaries

Daily Summaries

Make sure you’re always aware of how your brand is being perceived  in the media landscape.

Receive daily emails that summarise the key stories for you from the previous 24 hours. These are written by sector experts to make sure you never miss a story that impacts you.



Gorkana Surveys
Gorkana Surveys

Gorkana Surveys

Our real-time online research tool  helps you shape your PR programme by allowing you to find out what a sample of the UK population thinks.

Ours is cost effective research that instantly gives you access to 4.5 million respondents, so you can get data to back up your press releases, or find out how your campaign is changing consumer perceptions and behaviour.

You’ll receive presentation-ready reports fully integrated with your media analysis programme so you can measure outcomes of your campaigns.

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