Tuesday September 26
15:00 – 16:00
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Measurement is crucial if you want to prove PR and communications success. In a world of fragmenting media and changing consumer behaviour, measurement and analysis is particularly important as brands strive to understand where their key audiences are and how successful they are at engaging with them.

This webinar, which features Slimming World’s 2017 AMEC-award winning case study, will help you understand how measurement and analysis can boost the impact of your communications campaigns and grow your earned media initiatives.

Jenny Caven, Slimming World’s head of external affairs, and Paul Hender, Cision’s head of insight, will show how you can use analysis to prove campaign successes, ROI and ultimately grow a brand’s impact in earned media.

Topics covered in the webinar include:
• The importance of measurement and analysis
• Measurement best practice and key benefits
• How to make analysis work for you

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