Tuesday 11 July
18.00 arrival (19.15 start) – 21.30
Balls Brothers Minster Court
Minster Pavement, Mincing Lane
Nearest tube stations: Fenchurch Street/Tower Hill

Francesco Guerrera, Head of Europe, Dow Jones Media Group
Imogen Bunyard, COO & Co-Founder, Zerado Limited
The UK financial and business markets are facing the prospect of more change than they have experienced for several decades. Of course, there’s Brexit – and the fact that, as formal negotiations are only starting, its impact on consumers and business has not yet been truly felt.

Add the uncertainty of the recent General Election result and the threat of even more market disruption thanks to the rise of the fintech industry and the ongoing march of technology and the scope for change is clear. So what do financial brands – big and small – need to communicate to their audiences in this uncertain economic and consumer environment?

If you are a major player – with much to lose – how do you reassure your customers and staff about the next few years and months? If you are a start-up – with an exciting new idea and technology at your heart – how do you use comms to make your mark with the best talent, investors and potential acquirers? What are the rules central to this newly transformed market, and how do communicators navigate it?

In this event, our panelists including Francesco Guerrera, Head of Europe, Dow Jones Media Group and Imogen Bunyard, a fintech specialist and COO & Co-Founder, Zerado Limited will look at the media which cover the financial and business markets – as well as the brands affected – and how this affects the ways you can reassure your target audiences, both internal and external.

Topics to be discussed include:
The changing business and financial marketplace
The differing comms challenges for big, established brands and emerging start ups
The audiences financial services businesses need to reach and how to reach them

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