Confessions of an intern: part three

As the second week of my internship is coming to an end, my time at Gorkana is almost up. This week has been quite hectic with a schedule full of fun yet educational things.

I’ll confess that the week did start off in a miserable way with the horrendous tube strike that caused me to miss most of my Monday morning. It’s funny how trains have such a direct impact on your mood. But let’s not dwell on the slight negative part of the beginning of the week.

The rest of the week has gone by so fast with me wondering how time flies so quickly. I had the chance to experience a day with the events team at the annual sales kick off which I won’t talk about in detail as you can read all about our adventures in my previous post

My main aim of this last week was to get more knowledgeable about what several departments do at Gorkana and to connect all the pieces of the puzzle.

The highlights of this week, apart from the sales kick-off, have been:

  • Shadowing some of the very friendly insights staff across all the stages of the analysis process –  starting from working with the data analysts to the operations manager who is responsible for overseeing all of the above and dealing with any issues. I have to confess this department has been fascinating. If you’re anything like me, anything that involves numbers and charts seems nearly impossible to do, and yet these guys make it look so easy.
  • Attending a client meeting with one of the account directors of a global PR agency. 
  • Shadowing the media research team, who are responsible for updating the media database and all the different bits and pieces on MyGorkana.

All in all, my two weeks at one of the leading media intelligence companies has been an educational roller coaster, meeting new people, facing some challenges and having a blast.


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