Wednesday 27 April 2016
15.00 GMT / 16.00 CET

VR & PR – Why virtual reality is set to be the latest tool for content and comms

Virtual Reality is set to be one of the big technology trends in 2016. Thanks to Facebook’s plans for the consumer launch of its headset, Oculus Rift, and judging by the excited media reaction to this year’s Mobile World Congress where VR dominated, a lot of industry experts are predicting big things for VR.

But what does the emergence of VR mean for media and PR and comms professionals and why should they be taking it seriously as a media channel? VR may promise to be an exciting new content platform and opportunity for brands and media businesses, but is it too early to evaluate its potential and its strengths as a communications channel?

However, some PR firms believe the time is right for VR and are so excited about its potential as a storytelling opportunity for brands, they have already seized the opportunity to create dedicated VR agencies and divisions.

In this special webinar we’ll talk to two such agencies, The Cult PR, which has just set up virtual reality company, Cultural Reality Co, and Dynamo, which launched a dedicated VR division earlier this year.

Moderated by Philip Smith, head of news and content at Gorkana, we’ll ask our guests, Matt Glass, director at The Cult and co-founder of Cultural Reality Co., and Nick Morey, senior creative manager at Dynamo, to reveal to us why they’re leading the VR/PR charge, what VR might mean for media and what they believe VR will enable brands and communicators to do.

This webinar is free of charge and open to all. To take part, please register here.