Media relations is far from dead, Eulogy's Lis Field and W's David Frossman argued in this Cision webinar. In fact, it’s more important than ever.

While some might view the rise of influencer marketing as a threat to traditional PR and media relations, Field argued that it’s actually a huge advantage.

“All of a sudden, we have a much wider toolbox which we can dip into,” she said. “I’m really grateful to be working in this world now, given all the changes that have gone on.”

“If you can crack social media and influencers, it’s a win-win,” agreed Frossman. “These influencers, in the influencer age that we live in, are a new media platform that we should integrate into our overall campaigns.”

The scope of media relations may be broadening, but Frossman and Field agreed the same core techniques still form the basis of every great PR campaign.

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