Weathering the storm: How communications teams and individuals can build resilience and protect mental wellbeing
Wednesday 17 May
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The challenges of stress and pressure in this industry are not going away. In fact a recent CIPR State of the Profession report reports that more than half of senior managers in communications are either “extremely stressed” or “very stressed” in their roles.

So how do communicators deal with constant and increasing levels of pressure?

Stress and pressure can make people unhappy and, aside from the personal cost, it can reduce the quality of their work and take away their ability to be brave and decisive. In this webinar Ed O’Brien, associate director at Teneo Blue Rubicon, and Gemma Pryor, head of external affairs Northern Europe at Mondelez International, will explore some of the common sources of stress for communications professionals and the practical actions people can take to protect themselves and their teams.

Some of the topics we will explore in this webinar include:

•Pressure and stress in PR and communications and their causes
•The price of pressure
•What businesses and leaders can do to protect mental wellbeing
•The importance of leadership

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