Many aspects of influencer marketing polarise opinion in PR and marketing. Some believe it is a new discipline – others believe it is based on solid PR principles and foundations.

Tuesday 29 August
15:00 – 16:00
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In this webinar, we look at the power of true influencer marketing and how it can drive an earned media strategy and how communicators – with hard earned skills in media relations and elsewhere – can adapt their talents to work with a range of influencers.

Using examples and case studies involving ITV, Tesco Mobile and TravelSupermarket, Fanclub PR’s Adrian Ma and Emily Barnes will show why the ‘Future is Earned’ and how an earned media strategy should be at the heart of all campaigns.

Topics to be covered on the webinar include:
What influencer marketing is and how it has developed
How to plan and measure an influencer marketing strategy
The most important things to consider when adapting your comms skills for influencer marketing

Adrian Ma is the founder and managing director of Fanclub PR. A geek at heart, he’s spent the last two decades working with clients to leverage the potential of digital communications for PR strategies. Today, he’s passionate about improving PR practices so that it can be as valuable as possible.

Emily Barnes is an Account Manager at Fanclub PR, who leads on influencer projects for clients including Tesco Mobile and ITV. From developing influencer marketing strategies to managing high profile YouTuber creators, Emily has a three-year track record of successfully choosing the right influencers for carefully considered partnerships that create measurable advocacy for clients and their brands.

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