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Gorkana Insider: Talking Nintendo Insider with Alex Seedhouse

Alex Seedhouse, pictured above, gives us an insight into his working day and his passion for gaming.

My role:
I am a media executive within the News Teams.

Day to day I:
I look after The Times newspaper, which I read through every day. I keep one eye on Twitter for news and moves and apart from that I’m a Media Executive, so I verify the publications and journalists on our systems and write alerts.

My colleagues describe me as:
I have a lot of energy and channel it through my mouth so I guess that’s probably the way people see me. But a likeable person and I don’t think it’s a negative thing, it’s just sometimes I don’t know when to stop talking.

My passion is:
I like gadgetry, am a bit of a computer gamer and own everything available. I also really like music – I see lots of shows around London and I run my own website, Nintendo Insider, on the side, which channels my enthusiasm.

I think my choice of perusing Nintendo matches my childlike need to talk throughout the entire day in the office. I haven’t really grown up yet. I’m also learning Japanese.

This all started when:
I started gaming on a Game Boy and when I finished university, where I was doing a music and performance based degree, I came to the end wondering what I should do. I started writing for a website and thought – I like games and I play games. I wasn’t necessarily thinking that I can get them for free, but that I can get to write about them and therefore cover them, and that’s where my interest began. I did that for a bit, and then just settled on doing my own website so I was in control of my own content. If I got home from work and was tired I didn’t have to do anything. But, being a one man band in a sense I have to put a lot of my free time into it. Sometimes I just want to relax, but I have to do stuff everyday otherwise there’s nothing on the site.

My motto:
Try to make the most of everyday.

What are your favourite brands of game?
Nintendo is quite good in the sense that their consoles are released for their old games as well; they’ve got long series of games like The Legend of Zelda and Pokemon. But I generally play everything, partly because I have to, but that also means I get to play things that I wouldn’t otherwise play. Games that go outside the norm interest me more now, but I still stick mainly to Nintendo games.

How long does a review take to write?
Normally I play most games to completion, but there are games that you never complete and you just carry on playing it, Animal Crossing is a good example of this but most games I play to completion. If it’s a game I look forward to, I usually book a couple of days off work and just play it through. I also book days off work for press events.

What’s the most enjoyable / frustrating part of running Nintendo Insider?
The most enjoyable aspect is that I get to write about something I love without being tied down to it. It’s also my site, so I have control over it and can do as much or as little as I want to.

The frustrating side is that I have to do it everyday; it’s like a second job. While I don’t have to do it, I feel bad if I don’t. It also quite hard to grow the site and get more visitors and I have to rely on myself to do everything, rather than other people, which is probably the most frustrating part.

Where would you like the site to go in the next year?
I’d like to make it more prominent. It’s doing well but it’s not doing as well as I want it to. I’d like to do more original content and feel like it’s a really beneficial thing to do with my evenings and even though sometimes it’s a bit of a chore, I love it. To death.

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