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#GorkanaTech Breakfast Briefing 01/03/13

Last Friday we introduced Barry Collins, Editor, PC Pro, David Ludlow, Editor, Computer Shopper and expertreviews.co.uk and Daniel Booth, Editor, Web User to a range of tech comms professionals at The Commonwealth Club.

Barry Collins, David Ludlow, Daniel Booth

PC Pro is a consumer magazine targeting IT professionals with news, features and reviews with a circulation of 42,115.

Computer Shopper has a circulation of 27,080 and is a definitive buying guide where industry experts review over 200 products a month offering IT advice in a digestible format.

Web User is a fortnightly internet magazine with a circulation of 28,495. The magazine keeps readers up-to-date with all the latest news, views and developments on the Web.

Key quotes and top tips from the speakers below.

Key quotes:

Barry Collins @pcpro

Barry Collins, Editor, PC Pro

“We have very experienced staff. There are 11 of us and we also have a roster of IT consultants that are not journalists by trade who give us authority.”

“Our readers are predominantly tech savvy AB males aged 40+ with a high disposable income.”

“The biggest channel on the website is reviews. Half of the content is key products that are on the shelf. News and features are also a big part of the website.”

“There is an early morning traffic peak on the website, due to the proliferation of smart phones. We have to get up earlier to get the content up.”

David Ludlow @expertreviewsuk

David Ludlow, Editor, Computer Shopper and expertreviews.co.uk

“If the magazine launched today, it would not be called Computer Shopper because we do not just feature computers anymore.”

“We have a business section for people that run their own business.”

“Timing is key – we feature more laptops when it’s back to school time.”

“Our readers are very savvy and have been reading the magazine for a long time.”

“PRs can use Gorkana to check the relevant person to send information to.”

Daniel Booth @webusermagazine

Daniel Booth, Editor, Web User

“The secret of our success is that we understand our reader a bit more than we did before.”

“Our readers have an in built cynicism. They look at the practical benefits before buying and tend to stick to laptops and computers.”

“Web User does not have a website because we have proved that we don’t need one. The website is not a fundamental part of the brand and we communicate to our readers via Facebook and Twitter.”

“Exclusive first looks are really useful. Anything online and digital is more important than products.”

Top tips:

PC Pro

  • The team has monthly features meetings where they brainstorm ideas. They plan features 2-3 months in advance.
  • The team is always keen to hear about new start ups and exclusives are always welcome.
  • The team is always looking for unique content for the site.
  • Barry is always happy to work with embargoes and the publication has never broken one.
  • The team is happy to meet with PRs, preferably on site.
  • The publication no longer gives out forward features lists but Barry recommends keeping the team updated. This is where the PR relationship is key.
  • PRs should find the right person to pitch to on Gorkana. Pitching by phone or email is fine and meeting for a coffee is welcomed.

Computer Shopper / expertreviewsuk

  • The group tests that the magazine does are based on popularity and they work around big launches.
  • Features for the magazine are planned a few months in advance but they are topical.
  • The website is split into product channels. The biggest channel is smart phones, followed by laptops and TVs. There are 2-3 posts per day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.
  • The website receives 3.5million unique views per month and sits in the top 5 websites in the UK, according to Hitwise. The traffic doesn’t slow down at the weekend and the site continues to grow due to the fact that they are running more news stories and features.
  • David is keen on exclusives with expert reviews.
  • At the moment, the team is particularly interested in hearing from PRs regarding appliances.
  • The team is keen to build relationships with PRs and welcome phone calls and meetings.

Web User

  • The publication has a specialist position as a fortnightly.
  • The publication features websites that have re-launched, been revamped and redesigned. They have to have a universal appeal.
  • Products are less important for Web User than PC Pro or Computer Shopper.
  • Group tests need to be organised three weeks in advance.
  • The publication does not have a website but a lot of engagement is done on Facebook and Twitter in increasingly engaged communities.
  • PRs should ALWAYS email pitch and NEVER phone.

We thank everyone who attended and would like to give special thanks to our speakers and The Commonwealth Club for hosting.

See the full write up here.


PC Pro


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Web User

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