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#GHGorkana Good Housekeeping breakfast briefing 26/02/2013

In 1922 the initial print run of Good Housekeeping sold out. Ninety one years later and the publication is still a market leader.

Good Housekeeping is the size of a publishing house in its own right with a monthly magazine (with a circulation of 400,000); between 12 and 20 published books each year and a website, which launched in November 2012. Good Housekeeping is read by intelligent and affluent ABC women aged 35+ with a range of interests from food, home and family to fashion, relationships, test reports, health and beauty.

This morning we welcomed Lindsay Nicholson, Editorial Director, Caroline Bloor, Consumer Director, Eve Cameron, Associate Editor and Helen Young, Web Editor from Good Housekeeping and Good Ideas to discuss the Good Housekeeping empire and working with PRs.

Key quotes and top tips from the speakers below.

Key quotes:

@CaroBloor – “The Good Housekeeping Institute is such a trusted resource for the consumer. Aldi’s Christmas pudding beat Fortnum & Mason’s in the Christmas taste test and the results were responsible for a 30% increase Aldi’s in Christmas trading.”

Caroline Bloor, Consumer Director

Eve Cameron – “We rely heavily on PRs for samples, images and access to spokespeople and experts.”

Helen Young – “The website launch was driven by the need to cater for our affluent readership in the digital arena”

Helen Young, Web Editor

Helen Young – “The homepage is the most visited, followed by the food page and the tried & tested page.”

@GHeditor – “Our health pages have won awards including oncology reporting and sexual health.”

Eve Cameron – “We are always looking to forge new relationships with PRs.”

Eve Cameron, Associate Editor

@CaroBloor – “We have 2 Christmas gift guides – Nov & Dec. We need product info and high res images early July.”

Eve Cameron – “Deadlines are not a moveable feast but we may be able to hold a space if it is a big story.”

@GHeditor – “It would be more beneficial for PRs to forge relationships with individual departments relevant to the content, rather than emailing the press release to me.”

Lindsay Nicholson, Editorial Director

@GHeditor – “The most read pages of the magazine are health, personal finance and food. Over 90% of our readers read the whole page and engage with the content.”

Top tips:

  • Caroline Bloor prefers email contact in the first instance, followed by a brief one on one meeting, preferably on site.
  • Eve Cameron is a big fan of the phone and prefers this to email as it saves time. Eve is also happy to meet PRs for a cup of tea, preferably in Soho.
  • Helen Young prefers to talk on the phone rather than emails as it is often more efficient.
  • Lindsay Nicholson receives over 300 press releases per week via email. She forwards most of them to the relevant departments and cites that it would be more beneficial for the PR to build relationships with the individual departments relevant to the content.
  • Good Ideas magazine is regarded as an experimental title and has received terrific feedback from readers and advertisers. It provides fantastic opportunities for content from PRs. 45% of images are taken from Good Housekeeping, 10% are shot in house (the main fashion stories) and 45% of content is PR material.
  • Good Housekeeping runs two Christmas gift guides each year – one with the November issue and another with the December issue. In order to be considered, PRs should get in touch with the relevant department at the beginning of July with product information and images.

Deadlines are not a moveable feast but if you have a big story where information has not had final sign off before the specified deadline, it is always worth having the conversation with the team as there may be a chance to hold space in a particular issue.

Aside from the Christmas issues, the general lead time for Good Housekeeping is three months. The website however works very much in real time, although Helen does plan ahead and runs seasonal content.

We thank everyone who attended and would like to give special thanks to our speakers and the Museum of London for hosting.

See the full write up here.

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