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Case Study – Aon Benfield – A Few Words With Andrew Wragg

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Andrew Wragg from Marketing & Communications at Aon Benfield

Aon plc is the leading global provider of risk management, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, and human resources solutions and outsourcing services. We speak to Andrew Wragg from Marketing & Communications at Aon Benfield to ask how our solution is assisting them in achieving their goals.

“Gorkana’s services help us to quantify and qualify the work we do, especially in regard to the volume of news clips we generate in any particular month. It is very important for us to know how often, where, and why Aon Benfield is appearing in the global media, and Gorkana’s analysis provides us with the relevant statistics.”

Tell us about yourself.
I trained as a journalist and after moving to London I wrote for several of the major insurance publications, which gave me a solid grounding in the insurance and reinsurance industries. I then moved to Benfield, an independent reinsurance intermediary, which was the world’s third largest at the time. In 2008, the company merged with Aon to become Aon Benfield and for the past four years I’ve been working within the Marketing & Communications team with a
specific focus on PR. I use a range of Gorkana services to monitor Aon Benfield’s global press coverage.

What’s a typical day like at Aon Benfield?
The Aon Benfield marketing function is represented in the UK, US, Germany and Latin America, and the regional teams communicate daily. Three of the team, including me, focus on global PR, but we all contribute to a huge variety of projects, from the firm’s Manchester United sponsorship and charity events, to attending parliamentary meetings on flood risk. The second half of the year is always particularly busy for the team, due to a run of big industry meetings at which Aon Benfield has a significant presence. On a day-to-day basis, we draft and distribute external and internal communications, including press releases, client communications and memos for leadership teams. We also develop the firm’s advertising and thought leadership campaigns, which appear at various conferences throughout the year, and in insurance and reinsurance publications.

How do the services Gorkana provides assist Aon Benfield on a day-to-day basis?
We are continuously arranging interviews with a wide range of publications – both national and trade media – as well as issuing press releases and thought leadership material every few days. Gorkana’s services help us to quantify and qualify the work we do, especially in regard to the volume of news clips we generate in any particular month. It is very important for us to know how often, where, and why Aon Benfield is appearing in the global media, and Gorkana’s analysis provides us with the relevant statistics. For the past four years, Gorkana has produced a monthly report for Aon Benfield which analyses the coverage we’re achieving, including the favourability of the articles, the publications we’re appearing in, and the key topics we’re addressing as a firm.

How is this achieved?
Gorkana provides daily news alerts and a monthly evaluation report. The monthly evaluation report is a very important tool, as during global marketing team discussions I need to be able to outline to the global marketing manager what coverage has been achieved, which spokespeople have been quotes, and importantly, provide a year-on-year comparison of the statistics. This level of analysis is especially important following industry events and press conferences.

Are the Media Monitoring & Evaluation tools important to Aon Benfield then?
Yes, very important. They are also crucial in evaluating the most topical and pertinent industry issues. While it is a priority for us to drive the news agenda, it is perhaps equally as important that we are aware of, and can react to, the key topics of the day, so we can monitor a broad range of news sources across the globe in order that we can identify areas in which Aon Benfield can provide expert commentary.

What type of support does Gorkana offer?
The evaluation report Gorkana provides has been refined a considerable amount over the years, in response to Aon Benfield’s changing requirements. Gorkana has always been really helpful in helping us to understand what metrics can be provided, and introducing us to new ideas for effective media analysis. We have regular contact with Gorkana, and have found that the team are always happy to offer their time and recommendations. Our collaboration has enabled us to understand how Aon Benfield can most effectively use Gorkana services to meet its aims in terms of engaging with the global media.

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