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Social Media – Intelligence & ROI

This was originally posted on LinkedIn I am fortunate in that I get to spend a lot of time with clients on a daily basis – my current portfolio includes 86 agencies. One increasingly frequent topic of discussion at meetings is measurement, ROI and social media in particular. Amongst clients across varying sectors I see…

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Tim’s week in social media

How to calculate the ROI of your social media campaign Jamie Turner of the 60 Second Marketer has provided detailed guidance for those who want to be able to measure the impact of social media marketing. His post gives a useful starting point for those yet to take steps to measuring campaigns. He also highlights that there…

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Is print media the best resource for reaching your key audience?

I saw this article in The Times at the end of December revealing that advertising in print is twice as effective as TV. It got me thinking about the relevance of this to PR. According to the article, for every £1 spent on print advertising, £5 in revenue is returned. I’d be interested to find out…

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Internet takes over the world!

We’ve all felt the surging influence of the internet on our day to day lives.  Ten years ago we started consuming media through it, five years ago we began engaging with it, two years ago our bosses started taking notice and today the IAB has announced that online advertising has overtaken TV for the first time ever….

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Review of PR ROI techniques: Part 1

This is part one of a six part series about measuring the return on investment of public relations. As the recession has really taken a stranglehold over the last eight months or so, there has naturally been a renewed interest in public relations’ return on investment.  The incentives for the PR industry are clear, as money…

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