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PRmoment PR Analytics Conference 28/02/3012

Last Thursday our very knowledgeable and insightful measurement expert and Board Director, Richard Bagnall, took to the stage at PRmoment’s PR Analytics conference to ask ‘Why all your old PR measurement criteria are dead’.

PR Moment
Barry Leggetter, Executive Director, AMEC, kicks off the conference

The conference addressed the impact of measurement and analysis surrounding public relations and Richard Bagnall discussed:

  • How can you remove the bulls**t from social media measurement?
  • Why measurement is easy, it’s the measurement planning that is difficult
  • Measurement of ROI: If the PR person doesn’t know their ROI, compared to the direct mail or the ad guy, you’ll pretty look stupid
  • Get on with your lives: Why there will never be a measurement silver bullet and why you should stop looking

PR Moment
David Rockland lists the top 10 reasons clients don’t evaluate.

You can find Richard’s slideshare presentation here and our Storify here. We have also summarised some of the top Tweets from the conference below:

@richardbagnall – Justifying spend is not all #pr measurement does says David Rockland. Hear Hear. #pranalytics

@SohoPRGirl – “Questioning the Old School Metrics” with @richardbagnall from @Gorkana – about time too #pranalytics @therealprmoment

@gisellebodie – Important plug for #smmstandards from @richardbagnall at #pranalytics conference. Can’t measure social media? Think again!

@LeanneBerty02 – @richardbagnall interested in the #pranalytics tweets, especially as it ties in with our essay on measurement in the PR industry!

@Laura_Louisa_B – very informative talk from Gorkana group on measuring the impact of social media. #pranalytics

@richardbagnall – #pranalytics all marketing departments right across the business are involved in social media at eBay says @Benmatthe #socialbusiness

@sylv_p – Excellent speakers at today’s conference with useful insights from all #pranalytics – AVE took a bashing…!

@richardbagnall – #pranalytics great point by @Benmatthe – eBay operates on simple, informed conversations. pr measurement is key. #measurepr

@Caitlin_Lorelei – Engage with influencers, build relationships, listen to their conversations – don’t just call them when you need them #pranalytics

@richardbagnall – Right! Influence is not popularity says @traackr s @nichochabs. It’s contextual and needs relevance. #pranalytics

@MarcusResonates – 90% of all media consumption takes place through a screen. We live in a mobile & social media driven world – Accept it #PRanalytics

We would like to thank PRmoment for inviting Richard Bagnall to speak at the PR Analytics conference. Stay tuned to @Gorkana and @richardbagnall for information on future events that Richard will guest speak at.

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