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Who is talking about the horsemeat scandal?

If you have read a paper, watched the TV, browsed social media channels, or overheard water cooler conversations over the last few weeks, you may just have heard about the horsemeat scandal that has been sweeping the Nation.

From when the story broke on 15th January up until 28th February, we pulled data from our Retail Barometer and used our Gorkana Radar tool to monitor social media conversations, to produce the below infographic, which shows mainstream and social media mentions of horsemeat.

Here are some of the key statistics we discovered:

  • The horse meat scandal received over 200,000 mentions on social media and over 21,000 mentions in mainstream media.
  • Tesco received the highest share of voice with (35%) of mainstream and (77%) of social media. Primark’s 7% share of voice on social media was due to a joke that was mentioned thousands of times on Twitter.
  • While mainstream media discussed details of the scandal and politicians’ outrage, social media was dominated by humour, primarily in the form of Twitter jokes. Yet statistics showing a rise in sales for vegetarian brands and independent butchers indicate that some of this humour channelled genuine consumer anger at retailers’ practices.

Our Retail Barometer is a monthly report benchmarking 50 organisations from 5 retail sectors (Grocery, High Street Fashion, Online Fashion, Home & Electric and Department Stores) across mainstream and social media. The Barometer provides a monthly overview into issues affecting the retail industry and what is being said about different organisations.

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