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CES 2013 – Gorkana’s Social Media Insights

The consumer electronic world’s biggest product showcase took place last week in Las Vegas, and while CES had its share of doubters in mainstream media prior to and during the event, here at Gorkana we wondered if this sentiment rang true in social media conversations.

This post gives a flavour of the insights taken from social media on CES, while Gorkana is delving further into these findings and more in a full social media wrap-up. In this  report we explore the key brands, opinion makers, key influencers and hot topics. Further details on how to obtain a copy can be found here.

CES 2013 – a social media overview

Prior to the event there was talk of CES losing its relevance, but the level of buzz around the conference and its products appears to refute this, in spite of the absence of four tech giants – Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

CES saw close to 200,000 social media mentions during the event, with positive buzz outweighing negativity. Key topics this year included: smartphones, HD TVs, gaming, cloud and wireless technologies, and Windows 8. Volumes peaked on the launch day (Tuesday 8th) at nearly 52,000 mentions, with positive sentiment also at its highest that day.

There appeared to be confusion over which hashtag to tweet with: the official #2013CES saw 8,828 mentions during the four days of the event, while the unofficial: #CES2013 saw 4,622 mentions during the same period.

Products making a splash

Much of the pre-CES buzz surrounded Samsung, primarily for its Smart TV, while Huawei’s Ascend Mate ‘phablet’ created some chatter. The product making most social noise during the event was Sony’s smartphone, Xperia Z, a water-resistant device that can be dropped in the bath without risk of damage. The Xperia Z took over 30% of the Sony mentions during the event and was well received, although some commentators believe Sony still “had a mountain to climb” in the smartphone arena.

Samsung had a range of products drawing attention, including its Galaxy camera, massive 110-inch ultra-high-definition TV and prototype “bendy” smartphone. And was CES 2013 the death of 3D as predicted…? Probably not, although @DrPizza has his doubts…

Keynote speakers – who stood out from the crowd

Qualcomm CEO Paul E. Jacobs was the most talked about keynote speaker at this year’s CES, achieving more than a third of all speaker mentions. This was driven by the eclectic host of guests who appeared during Jacobs’ opening address, including Sesame Street’s Big Bird, Maroon 5 and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Ballmer’s entrance drew particular attention, given the software giant’s decision to significantly scale back its presence at this year’s event.

Brands creating the biggest buzz

Apple took the top spot as the most talked about brand at CES, despite the company not appearing at the show. With almost 32,000 mentions over the four days, Apple dominated the event not only through mentions of its no-show, but through the “Apple economy”, as suppliers pushed iPhone and iPad apps and accessories.

Samsung was close behind Apple, with over 31,000 mentions. Hot products driving its coverage included the world’s first curved OLED TV and a prototype bendy smartphone with a flexible display that can folded, twisted and bent.

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