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The PR and Social Media Cheat Sheet #137

If you work in PR and are interested in the latest thinking on the media industry, PR planning, media analysis and social media, these are the must-read stories from the last week.

  • Apple’s possible acquisition of Beats Electronics spread through social media like proverbial wildfire with a reported $3.2 billion offer, which would be Apple’s largest acquisition to date. The public reacted with a series of humorous tweets, one of which is shown below, for the full gallery visit the post on Mashable.apple beats concept logo
  • With the FIFA World Cup fast approaching, Samsung has launched their Galaxy 11 training campaign video, which quickly went viral and has already amassed 5,850,332 views:

This week has seen a number of stories highlighting the power of social media

  • May 14 marked the death of Stephen Sutton, who was dubbed the “Internet Hero” and inspired millions of people around the world with his fundraising efforts. Stephen demonstrated the power of social media as he utilised it to raise more than £3 million through his Facebook page and Twitter. Look through #stephensstory – be inspired!
  • Another example of utilising Twitter for social good was demonstrated by the ongoing campaign against kidnapping of more than 200 schoolgirls in Nigeria. First Lady Michelle Obama threw her support behind the campaign to promote the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls sparking debate on military and foreign government intervention, as well as gathering support from global leaders and celebrities.


  • Social media can be an unforgiving landscape and the smallest error can invite negative comments. Even His Holiness Pope Francis and the Vatican is not immune as he discovered following his tweet in response to the Mediterranean shipwreck and the Turkish mine explosion, where a simple typo altered the message. The lesson here is to always proof read your tweets – happy tweeting!  PopeFrancis' tweet
  • A further example of social media backlash came from TIME following their poorly thought out comment to Masih Alinejad’s ”My Stealthy Freedom” movement which went viral this week. A post by TIME on their Facebook page with the caption “Seriously, the must-wear-hijab thing — probably a pain during summer” immediately received criticism on Twitter mocking their insensitive observation.

  • Other Twitter related disasters included Labour MP Austin Mitchell’s controversial reaction to the proposed Pfizer bid for AstraZeneca which was made worse by his refusal to apologise.
  • This week’s infographic comes to you courtesy of FULLSCREEN who demonstrate the power of utilising YouTube for brands::



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  • Thereza

    Really thought provoking post with an interesting overview of the many uses of Social Media and some of the Pitfalls.


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