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Integrated mainstream and social media monitoring

Tracking and comparing mainstream & social media has just got easy.

Gorkana’s development team has been working its socks off over the past few months on some exciting enhancements to make our media portal even better.

We are pleased to announce that social media content has now been integrated into the Gorkana portal enabling a complete view of all of the content that matters across print, online, broadcast and social media all in one place.

Never has it been quicker and easier for PR and marketing teams to keep an eye on the conversations and coverage that matter.  Whether it’s comparing your social media exposure against your competitors, identifying what is being said about you via the topic word cloud or understanding where your coverage is most prevalent, now it’s all available in one place.

The social media dashboard and monitoring page lets you build charts and graphs, which summarise any coverage across social media.   If you need to review this against other activity, the Cross Media Buzz Comparison chart enables you to compare mainstream and social media.

Being able to review all your activity and coverage side-by-side, makes the job of identifying connections between your social media and mainstream coverage painless.

To find out more and watch a demonstration video click here.

Want to be one of the first to try the new and improved Gorkana Media portal?  Just email jason.weekes@gorkana.com or call +44 20 7674 0347.

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  • Louise Russell

    We have noticed that when searching Gorkana we now have “subscription needed (Social Media)” for many results yet have heard nothing about a social media subscription yet….
    Does the Social Media access cost more on top of the usual subscription? I only query this as in modern print separating social media from online and blogs is like separating magazines from newspapers and other print media…?

    • LaytonAdam

      Hi Louise,

      Thanks for your question.  The great news is that Gorkana Group do offer social media monitoring and a reporting dashboard as part of its integrated portal solution.  This allows you to compare and contrast your mainstream and social media, tracking coverage over time and identify what is being said about your brands and your organisation.  

      To your second point, regarding online and social media, this is exactly the question that we posed to customers and the broader market when we were conducting research in advance of us developing our integrated social media service.  What we found is that users distinguish between online, editorial coverage and user generated coverage.  Our online monitoring solution covers thousands of articles, including leading blogs.  In contrast, our social media solution tracks mentions from millions of social media sites sourced globally, including forums, blogs, Twitter and Facebook.  

      Unlike our online monitoring solution which is human reviewed, our social media service is automated using best in class technology.  So, essentially they are services that fulfil different roles, the former being about delivering accurate, editorial coverage and the latter enabling you to listen, understand and engage in the relevant conversations.

      If you would like one of our team to give you a call to discuss options please let me know. 


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