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The Friday PR and Social Media Cheat Sheet #006

If you work in PR and you’re interested in the latest thinking on media monitoring, PR planning, media analysis and social media measurement, these are the must read stories from the last week…

This week’s top PR and social media picks:

  • New ‘protestor-friendly’ social network, Vibe, enjoys an upsurge in users thanks to the #OccupyWallstreet protest. The social network has been described as a “more secure, private and anonymous social network”.
  • CNN joined Gorkana subscribers for breakfast and shared their top tips for PRs:

  • Apple announces the new iPhone 4S, disappointing thousands. In a poll of around 12,000 site visitors, Mashable.com revealed that two-fifths of Apple iPhone customers will not be upgrading to the latest handset.
  • The Metropolitan Police releases a list of ever murder case in London for the last five years. Click on the map below to plot each and every one.

  • ‘Sexy chicken’ causes animal rights furore
  • AMEC (The International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication) forms a new coalition with two other communications groups to define, develop and promote standards for social media measurement. At The Big Ask social media measurement conference in London, AMEC will ask PR and media intelligence professionals what they want to see as part of the new global standards. Gorkana Group customers can attend the half day conference at a special rate of £80 + VAT.

“Rather than allowing spurious metrics to stand a chance of getting a hold in our industry, the time is right for PR professionals to once more come together to guide the industry to the best way to measure its work.” - Richard Bagnall, Metrica MD and chair of AMEC’s social media measurement group

7 out of ten journalists have LinkedIn user profiles, but only 15% consider them useful, according to this new study. Tell us what you think below.

This week’s ‘good PR’:

This week’s best social media infographic:

  • Social media is changing how the world reacts to natural disasters:

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    Nice infographic – thanks. Not sure about the pluralisation of media to medias though!

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      Thanks for the comment Toby. I know what you mean. Thankfully the Guardian Style Guide is always at hand! http://bit.ly/dnAJ0O ”Social media are plural”


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