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The Friday PR and Social Media Cheat Sheet 003

If you work in PR and you’re interested in the latest thinking on media monitoring, PR planning, media analysis and social media measurement, these are the must read stories from the last week…

This week’s top PR and social media picks:

  • Twitter launches its own free analytics tool Twitter Web Analytics can help you see how much of your website’s content is being shared via Twitter, how much traffic your site is getting from the microblogging site, and allows you to measure the effectiveness of your Tweet Button interaction. Expect the platform to be rolled out to all website owners in a few weeks time
  • But will Facebook steal Twitter’s thunder? Facebook announced the introduction of a Subscribe button, allowing users to receive feeds of their favourite people and brands. Check it out here
  • YouTube introduces video editing feature While Final Cut Pro might not lose any sleep over this, YouTube users can now fine-tune their videos inside the web browser, saving time and money

PayPal takes the waiting out of paying – the future of shopping?

  • Red carpet tumbles No, Naomi Campbell hasn’t fallen over again. US fashion designer Oscar de la Renta used crowdsourcing this week to collate photos of his new Spring 2012 collection. See his Tumblr page here: http://odlrlive.tumblr.com/
  • …and speaking of Tumblr Over the past year, Tumblr has grown from 100 million visits per month to over 300 million. Tumblr is now getting 12 billion page views a month, eight times more than WordPress.com
  • 100 million people have Klout! This week the social media analytics company Klout announced that 100 million people now have Klout scores. This effectively means that there are 100 million leading the social media pack. Check out what Klout has to say about it
  • The PC is dead… long live the tablet US market intelligence company IDC predicts that mobile internet users will outnumber those using PCs to visit the web in 2015. Read the press release here
  • …and at the vanguard of the tablet revolution Microsoft prepares to launch Windows 8 in direct competition to Apple’s iPad OS. But are there any tablets able to compete with the iPad in the hardware stakes?

  • While the iPhone is more popular than ever According to a survey from ChangeWave Research conducted last month, almost one third of Americans currently shopping for a new phone consider it likely they will be in the queue for an iPhone 5 when it lands
  • Americans spend 23% of their internet time on social networks According to a new report from Nielsen, Americans are spending more and more time engaging with their social networks. The most popular networks, as measured by Nielsen online meters, are Facebook, Blogger, Tumblr, Twitter and LinkedIn. See the highlights of the report here 
  • Top 10 Web Analytics Myths… Dispelled Search Engine Watch blogger Garry Przyklenk tells us why unique users aren’t necessarily real people, among other web analytics myths. Click here to see the post

This week’s best social media infographic:

We all know one

Thanks for reading, see you next week

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