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Monthly Archives: June 2011

What is the role of social media in de-railing dictatorships, and how can this inform social media marketing activity?

“#AiWeiWei’s sentence, no Tweeting for a year, underscores #China’s continuing fear of social media”. News of the artist’s release after a serious run in with the Chinese authorities has caused quite a buzz in social media over the last couple of weeks. (there have been over 7,500 mentions in the last fortnight – figures courtesy…

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Twitter advertising move should focus on brands adding value, not the hard-sell

Leaked reports of new Twitter advertising plans, which would see promoted tweets appearing in users’ streaming timelines, risks becoming a turn-off for using the micro-blogging site. The move could lead to a decline in interest and a plateau in the volume of users in a similar vein as has affected Facebook in recent months.  Twitter,…

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Could a single, all-encompassing paywall be the next step for online news?

Could a single, all-in-one paywall solution work for English language news sites when sites such as BBC Online and MSN can always offer a free alternative?

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What next for the nationals as print readership continues its decline?

As the leader in media planning, monitoring and evaluation, the National Readership Survey findings that print newspaper readership is continuing its incessant decline towards the pit of defunct formats currently inhabited by London Lite, Betamax players and the morals of British footballers, hardly came as a great shock last week. Indeed, Metrica has been blogging…

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Working towards the PR Measurement Agenda 2020

At the AMEC European Summit over 100 international delegates have been debating some draft statements to identify what it is that the PR industry most needs looking to the future.  The session was excellently hosted by David Rockland. First we heard from three representatives of major client organisations – Andre Manning of Royal Philips Electronics,…

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