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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Cameron’s Measurement of Happiness Echos Metrica’s Philosophy

News that the British government plans to be one of the first to measure the nation’s mood in a ‘happiness index’ suggests innovative thinking by moving away from traditional quantitative metrics. If successful, this statistics model is likely to be used by others countries, such as France and Canada, in what is said to be Prime Minister…

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Forget Business Acumen – Do Apprentices Make Savvy Shoppers?

Social media is often seen by communications professionals as a resource that offers coverage at a fraction of the cost of traditional media. Whilst PR spend is playing catch-up to Advertising, PRs have to prove ROI for their clients in order to guarantee their share of the marketing budget. For results driven campaigns it is essential that…

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Dreadfully Dull Headline

How many blogs do you skim through and realise that the content is actually not that interesting, but rather some individual having a rant? A steady and timely provision of useful information is something that most bloggers will consider important to their trade. Kimberly Turner, founder of regator.com has put together someadditional considerations, some more…

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Tim’s week in social media

How to calculate the ROI of your social media campaign Jamie Turner of the 60 Second Marketer has provided detailed guidance for those who want to be able to measure the impact of social media marketing. His post gives a useful starting point for those yet to take steps to measuring campaigns. He also highlights that there…

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Hi, my name is Facebook, will you go out with me?

Facebook is to stop showing users photos of their ex partners through its “photo memories” feature. The feature shows past photos of yourself and friends that are stored on the site, usually from other users profiles. This has led to photos of ex partners featuring regularly, something I’ve been only too aware of myself. The site…

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