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Can automated social media measurement be trusted?

Working on large international PR measurement programmes for firms head-quartered in the US provides me with many benefits, not least the opportunity to network with some of America’s smartest operators in the field of public relations measurement, social media and market research. One of the these is Jason Falls who writes an excellent blog ‘Social Media Explorer.’…

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The solution to a vexing PR problem

Last week we were delighted to announce that PR planning specialist Gorkana is joining Metrica and Durrants to provide a best of breed PR planning, media monitoring and evaluation solution for every stage of the PR process. I managed to catch up with Celina Maguire, Gorkana’s Consumer Director, and asked her to answer a very vexing public relations problem.  Over…

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Clegg rocks the social media world in the first televised election debate

Any excuse for a party, eh?  Last night’s televised election debate spawned a veritable glut of election parties around the country. I had the privilege of spending my evening in the company of the lovely folks over at Mandate. Krishnan Guru-Murthy (@krishgm) started the evening off with some insider insight.  He briefed us to look for signs of nervousness including Clegg’s swallowing, Cameron’s face-wiping…

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Can social media call the election result?

There is an ongoing debate about the potential influence of social media on the UK’s2010 general election. Much has been made of Barack Obama’s use of social media to build a winning coalition of volunteers and supporters in 2008. Will social media transform the UK’s election in the same way? We have set up our own Mood-o-Meterin partnership with Fishburn…

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Apple attempts to control access to new media

Ask most people what they think of Apple Inc and the answers will be fairly consistent.  ”Great products”, “gorgeous design”, “superb functionality”, “reliable”, “easy to use”, “the good guys – not the evil empire” might all roll of the tongue. Apple’s turnaround from near oblivion in the mid 1990s to one of today’s hottest brands is…

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