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Monthly Archives: February 2010

What makes people share news?

The socialisation of media has made sharing online news second nature. Some items go viral while others get left alone. A study of stories appearing on the New York Times website has attempted to show what motivates people to share news. Why do some stories spread their wings across our inboxes and others stay rooted…

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Something for nothing? The London Evening Standard to begin charging again

It has emerged that the Evening Standard is to charge again, for newspapers sold in the outer suburbs of London, having been free since August 2009. Is this a minor distribution shift or does it signal the end of free evening newspapers in the capital? London’s streets were littered with celebrity focused free-sheets every evening…

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It’s a newspaper, Jim, but not as we know it

The iPad - newspaper saviour?  Kindle killer?  A device too far? It’s wait and see time. Before the launch, there was a huge focus on what the iPad could do for the beleaguered newspaper industry.  The Telegraph—using the widely assumed iTablet moniker—carried a piece about five ways the new device could change our lives .  Like may others, it carried a…

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