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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Is print media the best resource for reaching your key audience?

I saw this article in The Times at the end of December revealing that advertising in print is twice as effective as TV. It got me thinking about the relevance of this to PR. According to the article, for every £1 spent on print advertising, £5 in revenue is returned. I’d be interested to find out…

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Digital skills lacking in PR industry?

A recent PR Week piece entitled, “Recruitment consultants find digital skills in short supply within PR industry,” has highlighted again the percieved disconnect between traditional PR and the digital skills needed to operate in the ’new’ social world. The clients we work with in social media absolutely buck this supposed trend so it seems that it is just taking a…

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COI’s standardisation of PR evaluation metrics

I was delighted to see that the COI has recently announced the results of its initiative to standardise PR evaluation metrics. Metrica worked closely with the COI on the plans and has long endorsed moving away from simple quantitative measures towards analysing the role that PR plays in a wider context.  For that reason it was pleasing to see…

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