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Monthly Archives: April 2009

One view on the issue of polarisation

One generally held belief with regard to polarisation (i.e. the extent to which someone does, or doesn’t, have a rounded view on an issue) and online media is that, due to less stringent editorial processes and the impulsive nature of an on-demand medium, online coverage, especially Consumer Generated Media, tends to be more polarised, whereas…

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Regional newspapers – where do we go from here?

The latest Metrica Numbers benchmarking report shows that regional media are important for the PR industry.  With more than a third of coverage that we analysed in 2008 coming from regional newspapers, the media type continued to feature very strongly for our clients.  And not just in terms of overall volume, but regional newspapers tended…

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Social media sites apps and tools

Most of us are familiar (addicted to) many social network sites by now. I’ve worked my way through the years and fashions, from Friendsreunited, to Friendster, Myspace and finally, for now, Facebook and Twitter. Sitting alongside the standard social network sites and the consumer generated media are a number of interesting applications. These allow us to do more with the…

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Apple attempts to control access to new media

Ask most people what they think of Apple Inc and the answers will be fairly consistent.  ”Great products”, “gorgeous design”, “superb functionality”, “reliable”, “easy to use”, “the good guys – not the evil empire” might all roll of the tongue. Apple’s turnaround from near oblivion in the mid 1990s to one of today’s hottest brands is…

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Can Newspapers Survive if they Give their Content Away for Free?

Debate surrounding the free provision of free online news content has once again come to the fore. Google CEO Eric Schmidt suggested that newspapers need to creatively innovate with new technologies in order to survive. Schmidt’s remarks are a clear affront to recent the comments made by Rupert Murdoch at The Cable Show conference in…

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