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Maths, Blogging, History, Twitter.

Today’s Guardian report that the new primary school curriculum will require children to master the use of Twitter and Wikipedia will probably make as much sense to today’s parents as Oregon Trail did when New Zealand primary schools described it to my Mother as educational back in the 1990s. However, while I’ve never used the…

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Twitter for business, Facebook for PR

According to research carried out by Metrica’s client O2, Twitter is being embraced by small businesses around the UK. Around 700,000 small businesses are using the micro-blogging site in this country alone, with an astonishing 6,000 signing up each day. O2’s survey found that the main reason companies were signing up in droves was the benefit the site…

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Twitter trend = big traffic for UK news websites

A recent Hitwise report on Twitter UK is a quick but necessary read.  In it, Robin Goad presents Twitter’s meteoric rise in visits and influence in the value chain of UK print news and online news traffic.  Twitter is now bigger than Digg, bigger than Google News, and receives more traffic than UK broadsheet home pages for the Guardian, The Sun and the Telegraph. More…

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Will the recession increase “haste and paste” journalism culture?

Media commentator Roy Greenslade wrote yesterday that the “overwhelming majority of (freesheets) publish pseudo-journalism”. Indeed, the last issue of Metrica’s PR Industry Benchmarking report (Metrica Numbers) suggested there was evidence of journalists copying and pasting PR copy verbatim. With newspaper readerships in decline and a recession in tow, the pressure on journalists at all levels will only…

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News as a Platform

The blogosphere is abuzz with the news that The Guardian has launched an open platform. This enables third-party developers to create unique applications that have near-unfettered access to its content and combine with other technology. The announcement has been so well-received that after scanning the numerous Tweets and blog posts on the topic over the past few…

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