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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Can Blogs Save the Newspaper?

In Chicago and San Francisco, The Printed Blog was launched; it is the world’s first daily newspaper comprised entirely of blogs and other user-generated content.  The content can be localised to a neighborhood level, a key point raised in a Richard Bagnall blog post.  For advertisers, this ‘hyperlocal’ marketing provides more relevant propositions and cost savings than city-wide and regional newspapers.  According…

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BBC’s Gaza decision awash with contradiction

So, again we find the BBC dominating the headlines for reasons of controversy. Unless you have been doing a Rip van Winkle impression this past week you will have seen the news that both the BBC and Sky have refused to air a DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) appeal for aid to help the people of Gaza, following the Israeli withdrawal…

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When social media can’t be trusted, what are the implications for social media measurement?

Gareth posted yesterday about some of the latest methods being utilised for sourcing breaking news.  There is a trend moving away not just from traditional printed papers to online, but from online news aggregation services to real human interactions on social networks.  The audiences themselves are starting to break and set the news agenda.  Gareth referenced the plane ditching in the…

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Deciding what is news, and what is newsworthy

There are many sites and technologies out there which search and aggregate news content and most do it pretty well. Various news search engines have come and gone over the years, or adapted and presented the news in a variety of different ways, the most well known examples being Google news and Yahoo news. They both use…

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Networks Within Social Networks

The onset of the New Year has brought with it plenty of predictions on different ways to measure influence in social media.  Of course, in these times when general media budgets are being curtailed and the PR industry is under ever-increasing pressure to provide a financial value to justify their efforts, the lure of accurately measuring consumer…

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