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Monthly Archives: December 2008

The PR industry in 2009

As my colleague Ed says, what a year 2008 has been for Metrica, the media, the PR measurement industry and the PR industry as a whole. A seriously declining global economic outlook colliding with the rise of social media and digital networks has precipated the beginning of seismic changes for our industries.  Argument continues to…

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Looking into my crystal ball…

So 08 has brought us Measurement Matters, Sachsgate and a declining economy, but what’s in store for us in 09. Here are my 3 tips – feel free to disagree 1) For cost reasons there will be a dramatic increase in the number of publications moving towards online only content. December has already brought the closure of more…

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Consumer Trust of Corporate Blogs – Forrester Study Results

What a statement in a recent Forrester Research report: “People don’t trust company blogs.  What you should do about it”.  The post goes on to state that “Consumers trust company blogs less than any other channel” and that blogs come in below newspapers, portals, wikis and even direct mail in the trust department. Really? Let’s put the research…

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Newpaper reading most impacted by the Internet – Ofcom report and Metrica research

Deep within the Ofcom (the UK’s communications regulatory body) website is a research report on, among other things, the impacts of increasing internet usage on national newspaper consumption.  Across seven countries, consumers are spending less time on ‘offline’ media since acquiring access to the internet. National newspaper consumption has eroded, according to Ofcom.  Of those surveyed in seven countries, 32% are reading national newspapers…

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Future of the news poll: The results!

Over the past month we have been asking you, the readers of Measurement Matters, to get involved in our poll on the future of the news. Thanks to all who voted and commented, there were some interesting perspectives shared. And now (drumroll please) the results… Responses to the first question showed a strong attachment to the…

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