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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Outrage at BBC Phone Sex Shocker!

We are in financial meltdown, currently in the middle of an election for the world’s most powerful job, and there is a “human catastrophe” unfolding in the Democratic Republic of Congo. So what story has been dominating the UK news this week: ‘prank calls’ made by Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand to veteran Fawlty Towers actor…

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Print media’s future is here. Is your media monitoring and media analysis ready?

“We have the luxury — the opportunity — of making a leap that most newspapers will have to make in the next five years” explained John Yemma, the Christian Science Monitor’s editor yesterday while announcing that the paper would end its daily print edition in April 2009. At this week’s PRSA International conference, the paper was described to me as ‘one of…

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Crisis?… downturn? It’s all in the reporting

Over here in the States there’s blanket coverage of the financial crisis interspersed with the impending presidential election.  The Dow fell yesterday (Friday) another 3.6% bringing this week’s losses to $800 billion.  CNN reminded us that Friday was the anniversary of the day that the markets started to crash in 1929 leading to the Great…

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It’s the platform, not the technology.

I’m en-route to ‘The Point of Connection’ this weekend, the PRSA international public relations conference in Detroit.  Having arrived late yesterday and unable to get a direct flight, I am staying over in Chicago. I was surprised to find literally around the corner from my hotel, the ABC7 Chicago television station.  The news studio is at…

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PR Budgets – The Savings Plan

PR Week, 16th October 2008: “If the PR industry gets hit hard by this recession it is because we haven’t done a good enough job getting our clients to really embrace measurement”, said Tim Dyson, CEO of Next Fifteen, which owns the Bite, Text100 and Lexis brands. PR budgets are always under intense scrutiny and,…

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