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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Charity partnerships – Do they really have an impact?

For a corporate organisation a partnership with a charity is expected to bring about many benefits, the main one being more favourable coverage. Looking at some of our own clients this is definitely the case, with charitable partnerships having a very significant impact, and really boosting strongly favourable coverage, and therefore, reputation. Job done! But…

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Optimum number of messages: the proof!

When it comes to effective communication of messages, it really seems that less is more.  We have just compiled some research that clearly demonstrates that the fewer key messages an organisation has, the better their delivery tends to be. Although one to three key messages is ideal, the recommendation is to keep the number of tracked messages…

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How credible is this post?

In recent times, we have seen the meteoric rise of social media, where chocolate bars have been resurrected, musicians have socially networked their way to chart success and unprecedented levels of hype have opened the door for new marketing methods. The power of social media in a lot of ways boils down to the power of opinion…

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Print is dead!

Everyone’s going online, newspaper circulation figures and ad-rates are declining and many people are predicting the realisation of Ghostbuster Egon Spengler’s famous quote, “Print is dead!” And yet something doesn’t seem right. I remember many years ago buying a PDA that could download my favourite sections of the BBC news site. “Wow, this is the…

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What is the optimum number of messages to clearly communicate for an organisation?

It’s time for a little interactivity. As an agency we work for a number of clients large and small, some projects are complex and multifaceted, some simple and very focused. Most studies have the commonality that we track message pickup. The average message pickup varies dependent on a number of factors, not least by industry. Check…

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