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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Yesterday’s news – no longer tomorrow’s fish and chip wrapper

Here’s a screen grab from a BBC online news article that I read this morning (original article).  What’s so extraordinary about this?  Well, the first thing that might strike you is that it is a page from BBC News online before it went through it’s latest redesign.  In fact, the article is dated 8th March…

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It’s Cuil – but is it a missed opportunity?

So Google has a new competitor, and judging by the snails-pace load times on release day Cuil (pronounced “cool”, although what the French make of the name I can only imagine!) proved popular. A quick search for Metrica proved its accuracy for text at least, a search for media analysis and media evaluation showed it finds…

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The digital media revolution – a curse for advertising and PR’s opportunity?

I’ve long been a believer that the days of advertising as ‘the’ prized and dominant marketing tactic are numbered… and not just because my background is in PR.  It is actually a long held belief born out of the simple fact that I know that I myself am far more likely to engage with a brand…

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Goodbye (hard copy) newspapers, hello (Google hosted) online news sites…

Imagine a world in which newspapers have been wholly replaced by online news sites… not so hard is it?! And somehow, without even trying, it makes sense. Jeff Jarvis muses the idea in his Guardian column today, referring first of all to a vision outlined to him by Edward Roussel, head of digital for the Telegraph….

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How charities and NGOs can weather the credit crunch

Unless, you’ve been on the moon for the last 12 months, you’ll be aware that the economy is on something of a slow down at the moment and worse, many people are predicting a recession. Here on the Government & NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) team at Metrica we wanted to highlight some research that we…

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