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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Fishy PR fact of the week

Metrica couldn’t help having a chuckle this week with our new PR measurement client James Wood of Seafish (the Seafish Industry Authority) when we presented their inaugural media analysis and evaluation report. For those of you who don’t know them, Seafish look after the UK sea fishing industry.  They work promoting sustainability and efficiency across all aspects of…

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Plan, analyse, & implement to maximum effect – some real life lessons in their importance

It’s always a pleasure to get out and about and meet Metrica’s clients.  It’s particularly so when we get to see the great work that so many of them perform up close and personally. Metrica has been working with the RNLI (The Lifeboats) for over ten years.  The RNLI is the British and Irish charity that…

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News that suits you, sir!

Over the years, marketeers have found more and more sophisticated ways of targeting individuals out of a broad base of customers. In the excellent book ‘Super Crunchers’, Yale Professor Ian Ayres shows how advances in technology and statistical techniques have allowed organisations to number-crunch massive data sets to identify trends, to target customers in ever…

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Online readership figures… are we nearly there yet?

We all know that online readership is a nigh impossible nut to crack. Why? You ask. Well, where do I start? There’s the fact there’s no one authoritative source for data. Nielsen NetRatings is a well respected name and self proclaimed, “global standard for Internet audience measurement.” They use country-specific panel based research to statistically…

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Recent Metrica press coverage worth over £60,000

OK, admit it.  The headline got your attention didn’t it.  What’s this?  Metrica measuring its own performance with AVEs! Read on though and all will be revealed… Everyone at Metrica was delighted with the article in yesterday’s Independent Newspaper (Monday, 16th June 2008) “Measuring PR success by column inches is old hat – welcome to…

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