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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Press complaints escalating – and it all revolves around trust

“Kate Middleton ‘hounded’”, “Heat sorry for Jordan son sticker”, “Young deaths coverage questioned” Headlines like these are more and more prevalent in the media today.  So it’s no wonder that the Press Complaints Commission has just released figures showing there has been an increase in complaints of 70% since 1996 and 31% since 2006 alone.  Commenting…

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The Mythical Generation

In an age where teenagers appear to spend their whole lives on the internet, and how many friends you have on Facebook and MySpace can influence your social standing, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to think that people who grew up in the internet age are the most digitally literate. However, new research from the British Library has emerged to…

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Are you hyperconnected?

This weekend I’m embarking on the Brit Butt 1200+ mile 36 hour endurance motorcycle ride. It’s somewhat like a treasure hunt. Riders are given a list of destinations, each worth points, just before the start. Each rider must then plan his/her own route around the UK trying to get as many points as possible. The winner is…

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When the Stone Age meets the Information Age

I posted recently about the tendancy for media to give a distorted picture of reality, using examples such as the global warming debate and the MMR vaccine controversy. I briefly mentioned Chris Anderson’s explanation that media owners are trying to sell stories to us and that we tend to react more to dramatic stories rather…

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Financial PR: where the £sign is king, and outcomes come later.

The Friday before a Bank Holiday is often quiet, and today is no exception. So I’ve been filling my time by surfing the web for the latest evaluation news in the financial sector. Imagine my surprise, then, when the top Google link for “financial media evaluation” (inspired search, I’m sure you’d agree) was an article…

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